Saturday, 8 May 2010

final exam this schoolyear

today is saturday... next wednesday is our final exam. i have only read the textbook twice. which means i have to really get my head down and concentrate. there is a lot to remember: which solders to use, what pickles to use, the different alloys, organic materials, the Belgian law on hallmarks, melting temperatures etc.

last time in january with our mid-term i was extremely nervous. i always get anxious when there is any kind of test i have to pass, but this time i m trying to be quietly confident, just so as not to panic... otherwise i get heart palpitations, and i start hyperventilating!

nah, just kidding, it doesn t do for a woman my age to overreact right?

still, it s quite a huge amount of information i have to absorb and never forget again.
thank god the practical work counts for 4/5 of the total... and our teacher did say all of us would surely pass because of our work during the whole schoolyear. YAY!
i will still be extremely glad when it s over, so as to concentrate on actually producing some work.

so... H2SO4 - sulphuric acid, HCl - hydrochloric acid, HNO3 - nitric acid... uh-oh, what was the formula for borax again?


  1. seriously, I cannot do what you're doing so I'm giving you a huge "Bravo!!!" I know you will do well but def. praying that you can calmly recollect the info. and answer the questions!!