Monday, 31 May 2010

start of the summer holidays

wow, this is so strange, to know that this evening i don t have to go to class.

yesterday was open door day at Bijou Moderne, a wholesaler of jewelers materials near Rotterdam, about an hour and a half s drive from Antwerp. it s totally overwhelming to see all those tools and materials in one place! and the catalog is huge!

Sam came with me, and although initially i only intended to look around and not buy anything, since i figured i have enough stuff to work with already, the demonstration of the Delft casting method ( blew us both away. casting in compacted re-usable sand just looked totally ideal if you don t have that much work-space like me. so, after some deliberation, i did buy a starter set and i can t wait to work on some ideas. and ofcourse i also had to get myself a little soldering gadget... it s so cute, but i don t know whether it works well... i do have a ring in waiting...

now i only need some time! LOL

(and some sunshine, please, it s the last day of May... will summer ever really get here?)

oh, by the way, i passed!


  1. I knew you wouldn't be able to resist buying something! I think I'm the opposite of you, I so desire the weather of the Lowlands, we're experiencing the preview of the Summer weather, it's just too darn hot!!! Looking forward to your new creations!

  2. haha... you know me too well! and the soldering gadget works a treat, must tell my classmates about it.
    well, to be honest, i don t think i would like year-round summer nor winter, i love the seasons, but this winter was really too long... i get depressed if i don t get enough sun ;-)