Tuesday, 4 May 2010


yesterday in class, being confronted with an excercise on precision, i again banged straight into a wall!

ofcourse i ve only been doing this course since last september, ofcourse i m still only a beginner... but when my teacher showed me how to get a facet filed completely straight, i felt almost devastated! big word right, i know, but that s how it felt yesterday. i want to be able to file straight facets, i know i can, i ve been practicing long enough, but still i m worried about taking away too much, and sometimes i just need to go for it.

oh well, conflicting thoughts... that is the problem with perfectionism... in my head i can do anything perfectly, no mistakes... but when it actually comes to action, my hands won t do what my head is saying. lame excuse...

anyway, i am a perfectionist, i get upset when something doesn t go right, or as i want it to. BUT, at the same time i m pretty lazy, my house doesn t really have to shine, as long as everything s in it s rightful place and there s some order (has to be order, with all the stuff we ve got)...
i can take it easy, and just let things be... but not when it comes to something i m making, or cooking...

now, on to perfecting my style of writing (uh-oh, i REALLY need to work on this),
and my faceted ring... it WILL be done... perfectly (or quasi...).


  1. I can def. identify with being a perfectionist... it has it's good and bad sides, but don't you think b/c you're a perfectionist when it comes to jewerly making, etc, you are able to do such wonderful job? I don't think being a perfectionist is enough, since you also have zeal, passion and desire, I truly think it makes a "perfect" concoction!

  2. thank you so much for your comment.
    it s the human story behind jewelry thru all the ages, that makes me want to also be able to create something worthwhile, which again brings me to perfectionism... zeal, passion and desire are there, now for self-confidence!