Friday, 14 May 2010

e-day + 2

phew, it s over.

studied, took the exam, and, yes, just a little apprehensive about the results.

i woke up yesterday morning suddenly thinking: ofcourse you don t use W15 solder to repair a white-gold ring, you use either W10 or even W5 depending on whether the piece has been repaired before!!! stupid me, that s what happens when i have to take an exam, i get my facts mixed up, and here i confused the white gold solder with the yellow gold solder hardness, i know this! so i wrote down the wrong answer which means a lost point. and there were a few other things i wasn t quite sure about. but i did answer all the questions, which is good, and if some are wrong, i will never forget the right answer again.

anyway, it s over. another two lessons, and this schoolyear will be completed.

it s leaving me feeling both happy and sad somehow. happy because i did accomplish something i never imagined i could actually do, and sad because i know i will miss the classes... until next september. oh well, i have my workbench at home, so i can keep practicing, working with what i ve learnt, trying some new techniques. and hopefully we ll have a good summer; it s always fun making my beaded jewellery at the table in the garden; quiet, secluded and warm.

yesterday Sam and i went to the seaside, about 100km from where we live, and even though inland it was cold and gray, the sun was out there, and the light was full of promise.

so, all in all, it was a great schoolyear. the main thing is that i ve realized, as the cliché goes, no matter what age one is, it s never too late to learn something new. and boy, it does make one so much more self-confident, no matter whether you make a silly little mistake on a test. the point is to keep trying, and persevere in the pursuit of growth!


  1. honto ni gokurousama deshita! gambatte ne! if I can do half of what you do I'll be happy:-) looking forward to seeing more of your creativity and rest up before your next school year starts up!

  2. thank you!
    i must start thinking up some designs now for Lone-chan s wedding rings... i have a few ideas already, but must put them to paper first and try making them in brass maybe...
    there is no rest for the wicked they say ;-)

  3. I'm seriously looking forward to the rings you'll be making for Lone and Strauss!! honto tanoshimi dawa:-)