Sunday, 2 May 2010

new beginnings

so, where to start...

a little more than a year ago i was contacted via Facebook by an old schoolfriend of mine,
YangHwa Hiroko Koh Pugsley... i remembered her only as Hiroko, she s a few years younger than me, closer to my brother, but we all went to the same grade school in Kobe, Japan... plus i hadn t seen her for a little more than 30 years, so, let me tell you, it was strange but very exciting to suddenly be in touch again...
anyways, i m not going to tell the whole story here, unless anybody really wants to know, but i m sure you don t.

ok... i d been making beaded jewellery for a few years by then, just playing around, mostly making things I wanted to wear and could never find, or was just too expensive when i did find something i liked, and i posted a few pictures on Facebook.
this got the ball rolling, YangHwa was the first to encourage me to set up a website, which i like to keep very simple, and i started studying silversmithing at the TNA here in Antwerp last september! LOVING it, totally engrossed by it, and now i ve also applied for a home course in accounting so as to be able to start up a small business.

i ve had so much encouragement and support ever since, from my partner, my son, my friends both here and via FB all over the world (what an advantage to have been raised multiculturally)!
and so, now this... my diaries... it s another chapter in my journey towards becoming a little more me.

once again, thanx YangHwa, now i ll be stuck to my pc as i said... hehehe... you better be following this too!

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  1. oh woooooow!!!! what happened to "no blog" comment!!! I'm sooooo excited!!!! looks great and loving it!!! great job Aiko!!