Friday, 8 October 2010

bubbly ring

home alone:

housework done, what else to do but practice on soldering and fusing techniques while making another ring... since i m pretty mad about rings anyway ;-)

so made a corps, fired up some tiny little balls and started to work... after some mishaps: balls just dropping off, i think because the solder wasn t quite thin enough and the work not hot enough, i finally managed to keep 9 (symbolic number for me) neatly fused to the ring and started polishing...

found out i ll need a few more gadgets to polish between the little bubbles though, but so far i m pretty happy with the result...

on to my next one!

1 comment:

  1. once again, I'm soooo glad you are pursuing this. As usual, everytime I see your procedures in jewerly making, I'm awed and I'm glad God gave you the talent and not I:-) Amazing how you make these beauties!!