Thursday, 28 October 2010

broadening horizons

sometimes it s hard not to feel insignificant.

and sometimes everything just falls into place, and you realize that not everything s in vain.

take yesterday. it was the last day of school before Fall Break, i had made some new wire to start the next project we have to make, which is an entourage setting, and i d been talking to Diane, who is now doing the beginners course (the one i took last year). she s an extremely spontaneous and enthusiastic lady, very bubbly and i realized we share the same kind of passion for stones and jewelry.

later, when classes had finished and i was talking with another student, Miwa-san, Diane joined us with Frank, also a student at the TNA, and it turned out that Diane also has a website; STONED, where she showcases her jewelry, and Frank makes beautiful beautiful (i say this twice cuz it s the truth, i checked!) glass beads, and here s his website; HIERONIMUS GLASS JEWELRY.

i cannot tell you how much this excites me, to share thoughts and ideas and techniques with like-minded people!

i am happy!


  1. thanks Aizi (Aiko) for the nice compliment about my work.
    I really do my best to give my lampwork a unique touch.
    Big kiss Hieronimus (Frank)

  2. no need to thank me, your work speaks for itself! and super idea to put the film on the site too! i m jealous! ;-)

  3. both are some awesome websites!! the glass works are amazing!! Thx for sharing, Aiko!! I seriously wish and hope to visit you in Antwerp in the near future and look at some of your work!!