Sunday, 24 October 2010

expo 70

working with little spheres is addictive... i want to get the technique right, and it s not easy, it s a little scary, but oh so great when it works!

here s what i call my expo ring, plain band with a domed circle carrying 5 tiny silver balls in the shape of a flower, which somehow reminded me of the Tower of the Sun during the Osaka World Exposition in 1970 and its logo... it must have been in my subconscious. i even believe my mom and i went to see it, because we were in Japan during that time, but i don t really remember much

i posted a pic on FB too, and a friend of mine said it also had something of the Atomium here in Brussels

so there you go, my expo ring, matte and shiny finish for more contrast:

am thinking of other ways now to work with those spheres, might make a series, variations on a theme... hmmm

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