Friday, 15 October 2010


allow me to gloat for a few moments:

two days ago i finished my Byzantine bracelet!

so happy with the results... although, i ve been surfing the net a bit and realize that it s not such a big feat apparently (what with all these expert jewelers around) except for the fact that i did solder the jumprings one by one, and my teacher said that i did do a good job, hehehe

also made the toggle clasp myself, so now i have a bracelet, completely and truly handmade

i really felt like a little kid in school when i took the bracelet out of the polishing tumbler, all shiny, a big smile pasted on my face that i just couldn t wipe off even when i got home (Sam thought it was all very funny)

amazing feeling, to think that i only started metalsmithing last september... and so much more to learn! YAY!

i have an idea for another ring now...


  1. This bracelet really is beautiful!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!


  2. no, thank you!
    i still have so much to learn, it s great to find class workmanship and inspiration on other sites and blogs like yours!