Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Byzantine bracelet

finally, the new school year has started... and how! no exams! for the first time in the past 6 years i will not have to pass a specific exam, although the practical work i do in the classroom will count for everything...

whoever would ve thought i would enjoy going to evening classes this much, i was so tired of going to school in my teenage years!

no worries though, i am enjoying myself immensely, mp3 player on, and concentrating: first school-project: a Byzantine bracelet.

which means: making the silver alloy, pulling round thread to 1mm diameter, making 4mm jumprings, weaving and soldering the rings one by one... i m taking my time, the soldering still makes me a bit nervous, but it seems to be working, can t wait until Christmas (although today it feels like summer) so i can wear it.

can t wait till tonight either so i can get behind my workbench!

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