Friday, 25 June 2010

website bis

FINALLY.... my gosh, it has taken me since this morning 7 am till now 12.30pm to get everything in my picture maps on my pc cleaned up and uploaded on the website again. good thing i didn t have to work today.

to be honest, i am no computer freak... meaning; i know how to type in word, i can use excel, i know how to upload pictures from my camera sd-card, i know how to use an usb-stick, i can surf on the net, i can write my post here (thanx to, i can go on facebook and post pictures, or youtube and download videos...

HOWEVER, getting thru to my provider and uploading pictures using ftp (please don t ask me what that means) can be very frustrating when you have to find out for yourself that the map on my pc has to correspond EXACTLY with that pubwww map over there...

jeezes, thank god i don t have to use html (don t ask me what that means either) on top of it all!

oh well, it has worked so far. i m still pretty pleased with the lay-out, which is still very very simple. i only ever wanted to post pictures of my work in a very comprehensive way. so i don t quite feel the need (yet) to design a website with jingles and jangles ;-)

for the moment, making jewellery is not my main source of income, although it is my vocation. and i m sure that, serendipitously, interest will grow.
however, i m quite happy, thank you very much, with my (full-time) job as a receptionist.

but that s beside the point, i m on my journey and i m happy.

so, once again, website is up and running... have a look and let me know what you think!

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