Friday, 18 June 2010


i am having trouble getting my website updated... have a few new items that i want to upload, but the program i use is a bit out of date and since i changed the location of my picture map, i ll have to redo the whole thing!

oh well, i have some time this weekend, so might as well do it right.

also tried working with WIX but then i ll need a whole week to work out the layout and everything...


oh, by the way, last week friday we got our results for the whole schoolyear, and apparently i passed with 80.29%... i was quite pleased with myself... hehehe


  1. that is such a great news!! I knew you would do a great job with your exam! I am so bad with computer (I only know the basics), you need to tell me how your updating project works out!

  2. gambaru ne... it s taking a while, but will let you know!
    ps. thx!