Monday, 21 June 2010


yiiiihaaa! finally i had some time to start on a ring i had been thinking of the past few days...

and did it feel good to be at workbench again. the ring was an excercise on filing in a curved line... and i m pretty pleased with it, although if my teacher saw it he might only give it a 7.5/10...

still, i think it s cute and i call it my 'daisy'-ring:

the first few filings

slowly getting its shape

after a first good sanding

and a final polish

and now i m off to the store to get some stuff for dinner!


  1. seriously, Aiko, this is a really really nice ring!! I'm soooo glad you have this talent, b/c it inspires me!! not that I'm going to try my hands on creating these gems, but it truly does inspire my heart! keep up a great job!!

  2. YangHwa, thank you so much... sorry i hadn t seen your comment earlier, haven t been blogging much either, you know why...
    but courses have started again, and i m so having fun!
    i m working on another ring to practice my soldering technique, pics to be posted very soon!