Monday, 13 June 2011

a hollow ring bis

two weeks ago, with a lot of help from both my teachers, Ms. LariviƩre and Mr. Faes, i was able to finish the third and last school project: a hollow ring. actually, it was an excercise on forming and soldering different plates to make one piece of jewellery.

sawing the different plates and soldering them together was not so much of a problem as was the actual forming and shaping them to make one whole.

i started by making a basic ring and a larger one which had to be then shaped to form the top the final work as you can see in my earlier post.

and then i tried to keep track of the process by also taking pictures:

and here s a short video of Mr. Faes helping me to shape the top part of the ring.

it s turned out to be a very striking piece, if i may say so myself, but i m not quite sure yet if i ll be making this one again...

yesterday i went to a little market downtown, where beginning jewellers and artists showed some of their work. some of it was quite inspiring, and at the moment, i know that, instead of sitting here behind my laptop, i should be at my workbench!

and since our course finished last wednesday, i will have time now to work out some new ideas (must admit tho, i will miss the ambiance of the classroom, even if it is only for a few months). still... YAY!

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