Saturday, 16 July 2011

summer holidays

hello fellow jewellers and jewellery aficionados.

i haven t posted something for a while, and the only reason is that i haven t had much time since classes ended for the summer holidays in the beginning of june.

been spending most of my time concentrating on my day-job, where it s been extremely busy, and enjoying the free time that i do have by pottering around in my kitchen. yes, i love to cook as well, and it relaxes me.

however, that doesn t mean that i haven t been thinking about new pieces of jewellery. and now that i really do have a week off work, i hope to complete another necklace.

meanwhile, i ve also made another ring, a square one. there s a little story behind that, which i will talk about next time.

so, i ll soon be back, with some pictures too.

enjoy your summer, wherever you are!

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