Thursday, 21 April 2011

a hollow ring

spring is upon us with balmy days and frostfree nights... a few more days and the Easter bunny (or rather, here in Belgium, the bells from all the churches in Rome) will be bringing the children their chocolate eggs and treats. and everyone, or most everyone, is enjoying a few days off.

just before this spring break, i started work on my third and final project at school. a hollow ring fabricated out of 3 different plates and set with a stone. doesn t look like much now, but i think it will work well. i took a few pictures from different angles (just to test my camera, hehehe) and i know it s only two plates formed now, but will post a pic of the third ring element as soon as my teacher tells me how i need to fabricate that one.

can t wait to get back to class again, and i don t care if you think i m mad...

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