Monday, 9 May 2011

open door at the T.N.A.

yesterday was open door day at school. this is when everybody who wants to enroll for next schoolyear comes down and hurries to obtain a spot for their favorite course.
(only 20 places were available for the course i follow now: goldsmithing/jewellery repair).

i was lucky, had been queuing with 3 other classmates since 11.15 (enrollments started at 12 exactly) but we got in. YAY

upstairs in our class, our teachers had laid out the displays of the work that was made by us during the past months.

naturally, i was very proud (and humbled, yes yes) to see that 6 of my pieces were there for everybody to look at.

my classmates work was also on display, and it was satisfying to learn from both our teachers that for the first time in many years it seems, we had apparently played around with the projects we were required to make and made loads of variations on the themes. so everybody s taste and preference came out very well, much to our teachers delight...

i couldn t not bring something else to the open door, so baked a krazy kake too.

it was a busy but fun day and i m definitely looking forward to seeing old and new classmates again next year.

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