Tuesday, 20 September 2011

post - 'kwakkelzomer'

finally, the summer s over.

well, whatever you wanted to call that... i can t even quite remember whether we actually had any warm and sunny days in august. it was raining more often than not.

i guess we had our summer in april and may when we were almost pining for a few drops of rain.

once again, nature is something mankind will never be able to control, it will always do whatever well it pleases. and so it should.

so, this 'kwakkelzomer' is over.

and a new schoolyear has started.

i decided this year to do a repeat course of jewellery repair. i still have so much to learn and i m not yet ready to go into stone-setting nor engraving (i trust other people to do that for me, hehehe).

recently i found another super chainmail weave; a half-Persian 4-in-1 which looks so fluid and pretty, i just had make one.

the start of the weave, however, proved extremely frustrating. i had looked in magazines, on different tutorial sites on the net, on YouTube, all were confusing!
but then i found this tutorial by Nicole Hill on her blog and i knew that was it... YAY!

so half-way there now... i have a little rose-shaped clasp that i think will work nicely...

and as for my other plans this year, you ll just have to wait and see!

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