Saturday, 24 September 2011

half Persian 4 in 1 (or just another bracelet?)

i can t help it, i am fascinated by the fact that little jump-rings can be combined in all these different ways to make all these different weaves.

isn t it just amazing?

last year i made 5 chains; 4 bracelets and one necklace, all with another weave.

i knew i was going to get some comments from my classmates: 'are you at it again, Aiko?' 'you can t seem to stop!'

well... no, i can t stop ;-)

this half-Persian weave i first saw in the Art Jewelry magazine september 2011 issue. the article was on how to jump-start the weave and it all looked very easy.

(boy oh boy, was i mistaken!)

anyway, i was intrigued, so i made my jump-rings, i used 1 mm silver wire with a 5 mm ID (inside diameter) and tried to begin the weave...

uh-oh, this is not working!

hellooooh! why isn t this working?

the rings jumped aside, then flipped over, and i just couldn t seem to get the hang of it. no wonder someone tried make a starter tool, but that wasn t working for me either.

but i mentioned all this in my earlier post.

here s what it became, like it?

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