Sunday, 19 February 2012

my snake necklace

just a short post in-between the laundry and baking a batch of cookies...

it s finished.

my necklace, you know, the one i almost botched because i had soldered a few rings together that weren t supposed to get stuck?

well, i almost ruined it again during filing:

see the dent?

so i had to think of something quick to cover up the little mistake (yes, that is allowed...) which was this:

that took about two hours to make...

and i still had to get it soldered onto the end fitting! plus i still had the actual clasp to make.

hmm, not quite right. but it worked out in the end.

i quite like it...

and just in case you re wondering: why 'snake'? it s only because i was born in the year of the snake, and i thought the necklace which is officially an 'inverted round' weave has a kind of 'snake-y' feel, but hey, that s just me...

next week there ll be no class cuz of mid-term break, but i was at the library yesterday and i found a beautiful book: A World of Earrings which has given me an idea for my next project.

but first, laundry...


  1. hello, I'm reading your blog with interest. I wonder, where you have learned to make the kumihimo. Have you ever been to Edokumihimo, the association in Taito-ku for a workshop?

    Thanks alot for your hopefully your answer back to me!

    1. hello!

      thank you for reading my blog!

      actually, i just bought a 'wheel' in a hobby shop with some threads, started looking up some stuff on the internet, and practiced... once you get the hang of it, it s not too hard.

      i have not been back in Japan for a long while now, so no, i haven t been to Edokumihimo, sorry to say ;-)

      but there s one book by Giovanna Imperia 'Kumihimo Wire Jewelry...' that s also been a great help:

      hope this helps?

      regards, Aiko