Wednesday, 1 February 2012

(belated) Happy New Dragon Year!

uh-oh! is it february already?

Happy 2012! Happy Dragon Year! may your dreams and wishes come true, and should some things turn out to be hard or sad, that you will still be able to pick yourself up and find the strength to carry on...

oops, that sounded a bit depressing, that last bit. anyways, it s what i tell myself... no yin without yang, yet no yang without yin either.

sorry i ve not been able to post anything, but i have been struggling with the piece i m working on at the moment.

i haven t even been able to take photos of the darn thing, because i was either trying to get it soldered, or trying to piece it together again.

oh, did i actually mention what i m working on exactly?

it s a necklace, an 'inverted round' necklace like the bracelet i made last year... it was something i worked on in-between projects and finally i had enough length on it to start working on the locket and the finish.

but it s kinda working against me. after having made the end pieces and pickling the whole thing, i saw that a few rings had opened again, and while trying to solder those, the solder flowed thru to other rings, which ofcourse stuck those together, and then i nearly burnt the necklace trying to let the solder flow so i could loosen the rings... aaaaaargh!

it is a work of patience.

which i have...


soon, soon it will be finished and i ll be able to show you what it looks like.

on another note: my friend loved her bracelet with the little rose clasp, yay!

here s what it looks like

and here s a few variations on the 'rose' (that s me, get me started, and i often can t stop)



so, next post will be about that new necklace.

i hope.

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