Thursday, 3 February 2011

project nr 2

and here it is then, project nr 2 for school, the entourage ring is finally finished!

it took me some time to choose the stones. at first i thought i might go for purple amethysts or red garnets... but then i wanted skyblue aquamarines. once i got to the shop though, i saw this blue-green beryl and i was sold.

i don t want to ever take this ring off again, but our next and last project is coming up, also a ring set with a stone, and perhaps easier to wear on a daily basis... oh well, we ll see!

i like to wear it casual like this...


  1. thank you! i m so relieved i got it done without too many hitches! to be fair, i actually can t quite believe i did! when we were first told we d have to make this, i was like... 'huh? you re kidding right?' but i guess if we don t keep trying and practicing, we ll never get anywhere, and that s not only true for making jewellery, but in all aspects of life? sorry... bit late, it s friday night, i guess i better go to bed now ;-)
    thx again for your support!!!